KingoRoot for PC Windows xp/7/8/8.1/10 Free Download

KingoRoot for PC Download: The Android operating system is the one most widely used and popular smartphone platform. It is because no other mobile operating system gives the compatibility as like the Android and is true in the case of rooting too. Any Android devices can be rooted to access the whole of its features without any restrictions. KingoRoot is one best Android rooting software tool available on the market. There are several other advanced rooting features available with the KingoRoot for PC app when considered amongst all its rivals.

On doing the Android rooting with the one-click rooting tool like KingoRoot, any Android users will avail lots of advantages when it comes to the administrative level privileges. Kingo Android Root has been developed as an easy alternative to unlock the full power of your Android phone. One most important issue faced by any of the Android users is the lack of memory space and as a result device performance would have slowed down. Simply by rooting, you can boost your device performance in the best way possible. Thus, you no longer need to work on your Android phone with the line framed by its manufacturer. So take full advantage of the all these issues and even more by Kingo Android Root downloading. You can unlock all the hidden features of your Android device now from the KingoRoot PC version. The article deals with the KingoRoot for PC, steps to root Android device using the KingoRoot Apk, features of the KingoRoot for PC, and a direct link to Download KingoRoot for PC.

KingoRoot for PC

KingoRoot for PC

With KingoRoot for PC Windows, you will be getting a complete access to every nook and corner of your Android OS. Redesign your phone upon your preference as with this rooting process using the KingoRoot Apk. Thus, you can remove carrier bloatware, access root-only apps, preserve your phone battery life, customize your phone appearance and get the whole of the administer level permission. Improvise your device performance and functionality on the go right by rooting from your Windows desktop or laptop. You no longer need to use the only the pre-installed apps, default settings and user-interface once after rooting. Instead, you can easily make changes to your device depending on your preferences and keep what you want.

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KingoRoot – A Brief Outline

With rooting what you will be getting is the mastery of your Android. But what most of us think about rooting is that it is a tedious and risky process. It is not actually true in the real case although rooting requires extra carefulness. So unlike the older methods, KingoRoot for PC version will never make you get involved with complex scripts, charges, and the resulting damage. Rooting is all the way safe, easy, and free now with the KingoRoot Apk for PC. When Android root software is improperly coded, it may cause serious problems, sometimes it may even damage the mobile, whereas KingoRoot is a One-click Root which is totally safe even when it fails. KingoRoot for PC is trustworthy software that has been extensively tested and carefully programmed for the benefits of Android users.

KingoRoot for PC

KingoRoot for PC

With KingoRoot rooting, you can easily overcome the limitations of the Android device that are given by the carriers and hardware manufacturers. So what you get upon rooting is the superuser access or the administrative permission. On availing this permission, you can simply alter or replace your Android device settings and applications or could even run specialized apps that need the administrator-level permissions. It doesn’t halt with this as there are even greater advantages available with the KingoRoot rooting tool. You can simply remove or block the ads that are available in most of the Android apps with the process of rooting, and this one-click tool works well.

Most often we don’t use the pre-installed apps or the bloatware that comes with the Android device. Even after finding it unuseful, we have no way to delete such apps. But KingoRoot rooting does that for you. So you can free up that space to use it for other apps. There are lots of custom ROMs available that are aimed to improve the battery life. You can install custom ROMs to boost your Android battery life as the battery issues are one another most common problem faced by the Android users by KingoRoot for PC rooting. With the KingoRoot Android rooting, you can replace the device’s operating system, usually with a most recent release of its current operating system. Use the wider range of customization and options to change the skin of your device and do a better backup.

KingoRoot for PC Windows xp/7/8/8.1/10

KingoRoot is an Android rooting software tool that can root your Android device. By default, Kingo Android Root is available as a KingoRoot Apk format for the Android platform and KingoRoot exe format for the Windows PC platform. Although, rooting is highly recommended via Apk format, few others prefer doing it right from their Windows PC. Even with KingoRoot for PC rooting, any Android device will be getting all the same features as like the KingoRoot Apk for Android version. You can now enjoy the administrative privilege into your Aonid Phone just from your Windows PC.  Simply alter, install, uninstall, and delete any applications by using KingoRoot for PC. No more complications while at rooting as everything is made simple within few steps. KingoRoot for PC is a powerful advanced rooting tool that is developed to take control of your Android Phone System by connecting your Android smartphone to your Windows PC via USB. You can improve the battery life, remove carrier bloatware, and thus make your device works faster. With KingoRoot for PC rooting, you can also unlock other hidden features like customizable appearance, access root-only apps as you have got the admin level permission. To enjoy all of these features, you must first download KingoRoot software for your Windows PC. Get into the below section to make the one-click KingoRoot download for free.

KingoRoot Download for Windows PC

Access this link to download Kingoroot for Windows PC.

Steps To Root Android Devices Using KingoRoot Via Windows PC

The pre-requisites needed to use KingoRoot rooting via Windows PC.


  • An Android device & PC powered on with at least 50% battery level.
  • Internet connection preferably Wi-Fi network is suggested.
  • Windows PC of version xp/7/8/8.1/10.

Steps To Be Followed To Root Via Windows PC

Step 1: Open your Windows PC browser and type in as KingoRoot for PC and click to search.

Step 2: Open the official webpage of KingoRoot to download the Kingoroot.exe file.

KingoRoot for PC

Step 3: Click on the KingoRoot .exe setup file to download the KingoRoot for Windows PC.

Step 4: Wait for the download to complete and launch the setup file.

Step 5: Click on Next for some steps to complete the KingoRoot download launch.

Step 6: On the next screen, you need to select any of the locations on your computer to install the KingoRoot apk.

Step 7: Wait until the completion of the KingoRoot installation. Now connect your Android device to your computer via USB cable.

Step 8: Click on the root option to root your Android device using KingoRoot for the PC version.

That’s it, and you have successfully done with the KingoRoot rooting.

Key Features of KingoRoot for PC – A Glance

  • Take administer level permission efficiently.
  • Unlock all the hidden features of the Android device.
  • Improve your Android device performance in no time.
  • Delete or uninstall the bloatware or pre-installed apps.
  • Save or boost the battery level of the Android device.
  • Access root-only apps and ad-free version of any apps.
  • Get customizable settings and appearances.

Screenshots of KingoRoot for PC

KingoRoot for PC

KingoRoot for PC

KingoRoot for PC

KingoRoot for PC

KingoRoot for PC

KingoRoot for PC

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